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Recent and upcoming Concerts

December 16th 2018 at St Leonard's Church, Yarpole  1600

Nine Lessons and Carols service with the Birchpole SIngers

to be followed by a party celebration in the church


December 7th 2018 at Stanton Lacy Church, near LUDLOW  1930

Advent concert with the Birchpole SIngers

To include performance of Louise Drewett's new Christingle commission, Light a candle

I will be also playing some solo piano pieces in this concert, proabbly Partita nNo. 2 in C minor by Bach


December 1st 2018 at Leominster Priory   Last Train to Tomorrow by Carl Davis

Under the auspices of Celebrating Creation Festival Association.

I will be playing the piano for this performance on the 80th anniversary of the departure of the first Kindertansport train from Berlin to London.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite or from Leominster Tourist Office. £12/adults   £6 children/students


November 24th 2018 at Holy Trinity Church, Hereford

Concert with the Hereford String Orchestra

I shall be playing the piano part in Copland's Appalachian Spring. Wonderful work. THe last time I played in this was in a chamber version of the piece with the BISYOC youth orchestra a few years ago. Looking forward to playing in the full version.



The concert on October 13th was a great success. Works by ten different Herefordshire composers were performed by the Edge Chamber CHoir under the calm and skilled direction of Ros Crouch and the organ was superbly played by Hiolary Norris. I hope to post some recordings from the concert before too long. I was specially pleased to hear my Gerard Manley Hopkins setting, God's Grandeur for the first time. The Edge Chamber CHoir were the first choir brave enough to offer to perform it!  So after eleven years it was wonderful to hear it brought to life. I was also pleased to hear my Traherne setting A life of sabbaths here beneath again.


October 13th 2018  At Leominster Priory 7.30pm

Concert given by the Edge Chamber Choir from Ludlow under the auspices of Herefordshire Composers' Workshop

Musical director :  Ros Crouch               Organ :  Hilary Norris

This concert will include compositions by ten Herefordshire composers. Two of my own choral pieces will be included :

God's Grandeur (2007)  a setting of words by Gerard Manley Hopkins

A life of sabbaths here beneath (2010), a setting of words by Thomas Traherne

Tickets will be available at the door, priced £10 (£5 for students)


The concert went very well with a good turn out of people. The concert featured works by nine Herefordshire composers, all of whom were present to introduce their compositions. 

September 7th 2018  Piano trio concert at the Lion Ballroom given by Tony Urbainczyk (violin), Joris Boon (cello) and Anne de Dadelsen (piano)

under the auspices of Herefordshire Composers' Workshop

This concert included a performance of Perichoresis in a version for cello and piano.


The concert on 25th May went very well. There was an audience of over seventy people. They were a very attentive audience and gave me a really enthusiastic reception at the end. It would be great to have the opportunity to perform the recital again somewhere so do let me know if anyone has any ideas of somewhere it might go down well

May 25th 2018  At the Lion Ballroom in Leominster, this solo piano recital of works by Bach and Shostakovich will include all the Shostakovich Preludes from Op 34..

The idea of a set of pieces in all 24 major and minor keys was realised for the first time in the early 1720s with the first book of Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier. Many later composers, including most famously Chopin and Shostakovich, have followed suit.

This concert will present a series of pieces by Shostakovich and Bach in the order of the circle of keys beginning with C major and ending with D minor. All 24 of the Shostakovich Preludes Op 34 will be performed, interspersed with pieces by Bach in the relevant keys. The whole programme will be flanked by the opening and closing Preludes and Fugues from Shostakovich’s Op. 87.

There is something very satisfying about hearing pieces in all twenty-four keys. Something to do with being truly inclusive and egalitarian maybe. But also something to do with the physical properties of sound vibration and the link between the octave and the circle of perfect fifths.  
And if this makes it sound too academic, then the deeper intention of this programme is to share my joy in the extraordinarily creative imagination and emotional range of these two composers.

Tickets will soon be available at £12 (£6 students) from Leominster TIC, 11 Corn Square, Leominster HR6 8YP  
Tel: 01568 616460 email:

December 15th 2017  Christmas concert by the Birchpole Singers at St Leonard's Church, Yarpole.

November 3rd 2017  Performance of my choral composition Ode to Joy, a setting of a poem by Gillian Clarke. This concert was given by the Britten Singers under their director Pamela White who commissioned Ode to Joy back in 2011. The solo soprano line was sung by Jenni Axtell.

October 5th 2017  Performance following on from AGM of Herefordshire COmposers' Workshop in Eardisley Church. I performed three of my Musical Remedies on piano - Impatiens, Chicory and Vervain.

September 24th 2017  Musical Remedies concert for Laura and Bach Flower Therapists' group from Latvia. I performed all of the Twelve Healers compositions from the Musical Remedies, introducing them with some things I have written about the Bach Flower Remedies (and which can be found in a more extended format on this website)

August 9th 2017 BISYOC Workshop concert which included a performance of a new composition created with a group of young people from the BISYOC course. The piece featured a full set of string instruments plus harp, piano, percussion, oboe and horn. It was very well received by the audience

August 4th 2017  Ludlow Assembly Rooms  1pm  Lunchtime concert BISYOC TUTORS' CONCERT

This concert included the first performance of my composition for bassoon and piano, Perichoresis. I also performed in works by Weber and Daniel Leo Simpson

June 30th 2017  Birchpole Singers concert at Richard's Castle Church with Oran Johnson (trombone and piano)

This concert included a performance of my composition Apple Tree Hymn. The Birchpole SIngers also performed The Legend of the Unicorns by Frances Phillips, another HCW composer.

After the concert someone wrote :

'It was a super programme of music which suited the audience and sounded good in the building. We felt the evening was a great success.'

May 19th 2017  Concert with Nathalie Chalkley (soprano) at Yarpole Church, North Herefordshire

This included the first performance of my song The darkness of night and also a performance of my choral piece Ode to Joy with Nathalie Chalkley singing the solo soprano part alongs with the Birchpole SIngers.

April 28th 2017  Concert with the Offa String Quartet at the Lion Ballroom, Leominster (organised by HCW)

This concert included the first performance of my Elegy for Piano Quintet

December 16th 2016  Birchpole SIngers' concert at Yarpole with Archie Auger (bassoon)

December 9th 2016 Birchpole Singers’ concert at Brimfield with Archie Auger (bassoon)

These two concerts included performances of bassoon and piano pieces by Weber and Grovlez. They also included newly composed carols by three members of the Herefordshire Composers' Workshop.

November 13th 2016 Solo Bach to Bach recital in aid of Refugee work - Leominster Priory 3pm

October 8th 2016 Herefordshire Composers’ Workshop concert of string quartets given by The Eilan Quartet Dorstone Church 7pm.

This concert included the first performance of my string quartet 'For the 48 per cent' based on material from the 2016 BISYOC composition project.

September 20th 2016 AGM of Herefordshire Composers’ Workshop informal performance at Yarpole Church 8-9pm. This concert included a performance of the Spring movement from my Seasons of Zen Spirit. This was given by Gary Higginson (tenor), Archie Auger (flute) and Andrew Morris (piano)