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Solo Piano Work

On 25th May 2018 I will be giving a solo recital at the Lion Ballroom in Leominster. The programme is all works by Bach and Shostakovich. Works in all 24 keys will be performed! But if this sounds rather daunting then most of them are very short!

The set of twenty-four Preludes which Shostakovich wrote in 1933 will be interspersed with pieces by Bach - the French Suite in B minor, the Partita in C minor and a number of Preludes and Fugues. The programme will be bookended by the first and last of Shostakovich's own Preludes and Fugues from Op 87.

The programme thus takes us on a complete journey through the circle of keys moving in the sharp direction. This sequence, from C major to D minor, is the same sequence used by Chopin in his famous set of twenty four Preludes.

Tickets for the concert are available from the Leominster Tourist Office on 01568 616460. £12 for adults, £6 for students.

The concert is being promoted by Espressivo.








My 2016 solo programme consisted of

Schumann :  Fantasy in C, Op 17
Carl Vine :  Five Bagatelles
Mussorgsky :  Pictures at an Exhibition

I performed this programme in Leominster in May 2016 and in Yarpole in June 2016. I also performed the Carl Vine work in the BISYOC Tutors’ concert in Ludlow Assembly Rooms in August 2016.

In November 2016 I performed my Bach to Bach programme at Leominster Priory. This was the programme that I first performed in Cluj, Romania in May 2011 consisting of twelve of my Musical Remedies compositions juxtaposed with twelve of J.s.Bach's Preludes and Fugues from The Well Tempered Clavier. This concert was in aid of Leomisnter Refugee Response and raised almost £600 for the cause.