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March 2020


I am still teaching people who are happy to come to Leominster for lessons. I will make sure I clean the piano keys before you come and that I remain a respectful distance from you during the lesson. However I absolutely understand if people would rather not at this difficult time for all of us. If you have Skype, maybe consider having lessons over Skype. Get in touch with me if this would be of interest.

May 2019


I am now workling with Oscar Featherstone at Hereford Sixth Form College to make a series of short videos as an alternative way of presenting the text that you can read here. So far we have recorded the first eight pieces of the series and Oscar is currently working on producing the videos.


 March 2019


The work continues. We are developing a model for presenting the videos so that you hear and see some of the musical examples at the piano. 

The text in bold at the beginning of each of the 48 is designed to fit precisely with the corresponding fugal theme from the Well Tempered Klavier.

You will hear how this works at the beginning of each video.